Top Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Car Lift

Top Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Car Lift

If you are planning to buy a car lift, you need to consider a few things to make sure that you get the best one for getting your job done effectively. A car lift comes in various shapes, sizes, different configurations, and in a wide range of prizes. Therefore, you need to be careful if you are planning to purchase a car lift. You may check out this guide if you want to pick out the best car lift that will enable you to do your job with perfection and give you 100% satisfaction.

Purpose of the Lift

Most people will know what kind of car lift they want to buy, but many people are not sure what car lift to buy to complete their job perfectly. In auto repair shops, other than doing alignment jobs or repair works like car restoration that take a lot of time and need the vehicle to be lifted for a long time, they will generally use two post lifts. Scissors and portable lifts are also much used by repair shops and mechanic enthusiasts.

Purpose of the Lift

But if you are going to purchase a car lift for your garage, you will need four post lifts which will enable you to easily handle repair works. Or if you want to just lift your car for a few inches to repair your brakes or replace the wheel, you can go for optional rolling jacks to do the maintenance works easily by yourself.

Many car lifts are designed to just store them in your garage, while some others can help in the maintenance job. So, determine why you want a car lift in the first place.


Whenever you are planning to purchase a car lift, make sure to find a lift design that will fit perfectly into your garage. You can go for portable designs as you can easily move them out when not required. You can also consider four post lifts as they will be using vertical space of your garage, thus freeing most of the space for the car.


If you want to safely install your car lift, then you need to understand what kind of flooring or concrete is used in your garage. The depth of the concrete should be a minimum of 4 inches to install a standard 2-post lift. Generally, office spaces, commercial buildings, or repair shops will be having flooring that is suitable for lift installation. But one cannot be sure about home garages. Therefore it is best to contact a local contractor to know the type of concrete.


Determine what kind of car lift you need. Then look for car lifts that are available in your budget.

Consider these things before you purchase a car lift for your garage to get your job done effectively.